Self Assessment Tool

The eight practices framework is, in addition to being a guide to practice, a useful assessment tool.  With it, you can gauge your relative strengths and identify chronic breakdowns in each of the practices.  In Appendix 2 of the book, we describe a worksheet and assessment process that you can use to assess either your organizational (or personal) strength at the eight practices.   We offer an abbreviated version here.

In the worksheet below, record your ratings of your current relationship with each of the practices, using the following scale:

Eight Practices Numerical Ratings

1 Blind We have not been aware of the necessity of this practice
2 Drifting We are aware of this practice but have taken no action to improve how we do it
3 Resolving We are aware of this practice and have already undertaken action to improve how we do it
4 Settled We are satisfied with out approach to this practice
5 Masterful Our approach is consistently producing significant results and value

Eight Practices Assessment Worksheet

Practice Purpose Rating
Sensing Articulate a new possibility
Envisioning Build a compelling story
Offering Propose a way to achieve the possibility
Adopting Get people to adopt the new practice for the first time
Sustaining Get people to stay with the new practice for the long haul
Executing Plan, coordinate, and deliver well
Leading Proactively advance the other practices
Embodying Develop skill at the eight practices

To have a reasonable chance of success at your innovation projects, you need a score of at least 3 in every practice and a total score of at least 32.

We find that most individuals and organizations with innovation challenges have multiple weaknesses.   It is not enough to focus exclusively on an obvious weak point, because you may miss other important weak points.   Get the big picture and work on strengthening all your weak practices.  The book will give you detailed guidance.