Innovation Resources


Innovation as Language Action, by Peter Denning and Robert Dunham - our early publishing of the framework of the Essential Practices for Successful Innovation

Orchestrating coordination in pluralistic networks, by Peter Denning, Fernando Flores, Peter Luzmore

Mastering the Mess, by Peter Denning

Getting to “We”, by Peter Denning and Peter Yaholkovsky


John Seeley Brown, Chief Confusion Officer

Richard Strozzi Heckler and Strozzi Institute, developing Embodied Leadership

Newfield Network, transformational learning and a world-class coaching school

Enterprise Performance

John Hagel and John Seely Brown share their work on Edge Perspectives, a view of innovation where the edge increasingly re-shapes the core, at:

Fernando Flores’ recent work and offerings is presented at:

Borrowed Brilliance, a practice of generating new solutions through questioning in the midst of other approaches

Coming Soon: The Institute for Generative Leadership


Chauncey Bell is one of the more provocative thinkers about Design and its impact. His blog is at:

David Ing frequently writes about language action in business:

Sam Ramji, one of our colleagues, blogs about “Thoughts on Open Source, Software, and Cloud Computing,” and is a voice for new ways to conduct business with open source. A prior Director for Microsoft, he is now VP Strategy, Apigee and President of the Board, Outercurve Foundation. His blog is at: